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How the Insurmountable Problem of Human Nature Affects Us and Our Fellow Earthlings

Posted by on Feb 17, 2017

How the Insurmountable Problem of Human Nature Affects Us and Our Fellow Earthlings

You’ve probably noticed the increase in numbers of vegans and vegetarians in our society. If you aren’t informed on what their agendas are and what they stand for with their attitude, let me indulge you. It’s is inevitable to change our ways in an instant, as everything we’ve built so far is based on our principles that we’ve established over centuries. The idea of implementing abstinence from meat and meat products is a familiar one, but what would make a person deny itself the pleasures of eating meat and spending money on anything that was to do with food industry? The answer is animal cruelty and our inability to find humane ways to feed our overpopulated specie.

The Absurdity of Animal Cruelty

Since we established our dominant status over other animals on the planet, we started to change how we interact with nature around us and living beings that inhabit this planet. Humans weren’t always carnivores. But we weren’t evolving as vegetarians, so through evolutionary process and a different diet that included meat, our brain became bigger and as a result we became more intelligent over the centuries. And that is totally fine, meat should be implemented into our diet, but over consumption of animal meat is something entirely different.


Nowadays due to the overpopulation of human species, we have gruesome, unimaginable methods of torturing animals for the reason of increasing the effectiveness of gaining meat and resources. And it’s all masqueraded and presented to the average Joe as an unavoidable and as the only way to provide enough quantities of meat so that our species can continue to strive towards our goals. For example, an excellent Brentwood broker who lives his life as every other hardworking man, contributing to our progress as a species with his work, isn’t aware of the origin of the meat on his plate or the letter coat that he wears. And even though he knows that slaughterhouses, dog breeding institutions, and food processing factories aren’t the nicest places on earth, he still contributes to the same industry by working and being a part of it.

What Comes Around Goes Around

Animal-Rights-animal-rightsWhat we tend to forget is that all of these animals that are suffering at slaughterhouses, dog shelters, Zoo’s or in labs during experiments are living, breathing creatures and not objects. They are able of experiencing pain just as we are. So the question is not whether we should stop eating meat and using animal products but, can we find more humane ways of providing food and resource for our species? Another problem that over consumption of animal meat and the increase in need for letter jackets and otherwise animal products in our society is the increase of diseases that this industry produces. The only reasonable and humane method of producing animal meat and resources that we need is through science. By replicating tissue, cells, and every part of DNA stream that makes matter and later life, we could have even larger quantities of resources that we need, without inducing harm to animals. Let’s just hope that we can expect this much from science in the future.

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The influence of humans on animals’ life

Posted by on Feb 15, 2017

The influence of humans on animals’ life

There are millions of animals in this world, but only one kind of human beings. There are a lot of things humans can do for animals, but unfortunately, they fail to recognize that. They can make them healthy, save their habitat, help them live longer and care more for them more. Only small number of people understand the purpose animals have in this world. So far, many spices of animals have become endangered and we as homo sapiens, with brain developed skills, aren’t doing anything to help them. There are a lot of benefits animals can give us, but what are we giving to repay them.

We destroy their habitats

In many cases, humans destroy land to build the houses and factories and many other facilities for entertainment. The structure of land has changed and animals which once lived there aren’t able to go back. They have lost the sense of belonging and unfortunately many of them will disappear soon. Some of them will move to another area, but they will have to fight with other animals for territory. The biggest example is cutting of the woods and destroying the rainforests. It is how humans are destroying one of the biggest ecosystems on the earth. Farmers use chemicals on their crops to save them from bugs, those chemicals go further into the soil and pollute our water. In this case, we also become endangered because of our reckless behavior.

We use animals for food and fashion

Humans were created as herbivorous; they were never supposed to eat the meat. But, over the time we changed our eating habits and switched to meat. Now we can’t imagine not one meal without meat. But, some people still fight, they refuse to eat meat and wear animals skin or fur, they are called vegetarians. Across the state, there are many farms, who breed animals later to slaughter them and sell their meat to the food industry. Now is late to change our living habits, but at least we can refuse to wear leather and mistreat and abuse the animals. A leading Brentwood, real estate agent, founded an organization to protect the animals in this area.  We need to set up an example and make this world a better place for a living, in any other case, we will keep with the destruction of our ecosystem.

We mistreat the pets

They supposed to give us the greatest joy, and many studies have proven how pets can have a positive effect on human life. But, you need to provide them a lot of attention and love so that they can live with you. We buy them or catch them, make them adjust to our living habits, but we should be one who follows them. People have become greedy, they now keep reptiles, amphibians, and fish as pets, but they don’t seem to understand that they need special attention and equipment to stay alive. It is one of the main reasons why thousands of them dies every year.

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The influence and treatment of animals

Posted by on Feb 15, 2017

The influence and treatment of animals

For decades now, animals have had a great impact on human life. Unfortunately, the history of humankind has shown that we have been using them for many purposes.  In most cases, those purposes haven’t been so noble. We often forget that animals have feelings too and we tend to neglect them and mistreat them. To better understand their nature and human – animal bond, we need to recognize their influence and how are we are treating them in return.

Benefits of animals

Having a pet or taking care of an animal is on the best feelings in the world and only pet owners will know what we are talking about. It is one of the main reasons why many people and organizations advocate for animals’ welfare. Animals have an extraordinary ability to boost up your mood in a second and in many cases, they are used as a therapeutic mean with sick patients. They just evoke happiness every time we set our eyes on them. If we engage them in family life, they will have a great impact on children development and teach them to have a sympathy and love.

In many cases, we have seen people who tamed wild animals and their bond became even stronger. People became their saviors and opened shelters for many endangered species. The most important question of all, why can people tame wild animals, but in so many other cases, they mistreat them and abuse them. It depends on a person and his ability to recognize the structure of animals and how great impact they have on our life.

Treatment of animals

In modern society, every state has formed a law to protect the animals, but they have never been less protected. We have been witnesses how animals have need used for clinical research in many laboratories around the world. In Africa, how many elephants have been killed because of the ivory? So many, they are now threatening to become an endangered species. Animals are being killed or abused around the world, and we can’t do anything to stop that. They have their unique role, and without them, our ecosystem wouldn’t exist, we just fail to recognize that.

Destruction of habitats

It has been the main concern of many zoologists for several decades now. The animals are losing their habitats and occupying the ecosystems which are endangering them and humans. Because of fear, people either kills them or let them take their territory.  The biggest example is the Everglades swamps where Burmese pythons and alligators have taken then the supremacy over this part of the land. In this case, on only animals are endangered, but also humans’ life. One man leading Brentwood real estate agent, set up a great example, by opening a shelter for endangered animals to protect them.

Under the influence of industrialization and capitalism, we have forgotten to take care of nature and animals which live in it. We have destroyed their natural habitats and forced them to move. If we don’t pay attention to our actions animals might be in great danger in the following years

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