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Introducing our Partnership with 'Absolutely Canvas'!!

Please click on the image to get started...

The Welland & District SPCA and Absolutely Canvas are partnering in a fantastic fundraising initiative! You will now have the opportunity of turning your favourite photo into a beautiful work of art on canvas and at the same time, having your purchase benefit the shelter animals ... a definite win/win scenario.

When Absolutely Canvas approached us with this fundraising opportunity, we were very impressed with the quality of their product and ease of online purchase. Please check out the Absolutely Canvas website - we are confident you will be impressed as well.

By clicking on the image, your connection to the Welland & District Humane Society will automatically be recognized and for every artwork ordered, a 30% commission based on purchase price will be donated to the Shelter.

Beautiful artwork for you and a donation for the animals at the same time - how good is that. Perfect for Christmas shopping for your family, a friend or yourself ... and perfect anytime, for anyone!

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