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Our Mascots

The Three Amigos Image
Eddy Image


Eddie was a little kitten when he first arrived and with his winning personality, he managed to schmooze some extra time out of his kennel to stretch his legs... and the rest is history. Eddie rules the roost at the Shelter and loves his position of authority!

Hoppy Image


When Hoppy arrived at the Shelter as a stray with a chronic injury, he won the heart of Dr. Paulson... and here he stayed. He was Doc's favourite and daily treats were a must... and the practice continues on.

Wink Image


Wink was up for adoption for many months but did not find her forever home. She then developed glaucoma in one eye which necessitated the removal of the eye. Wink decided the Shelter was the place to be and established her place as a well loved mascot!

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